The Saeco Espresso Coffee Machine Delivers The Perfect Cup

If you are tired of getting the same old coffee from your same old coffee maker, it’s probably high time for you to get your own Saeco Espresso Coffee Machine. Don’t recognize the name? Saeco is a very well-established company based in Italy that’s been manufacturing Saeco espresso coffee machines since 1981.

What sets a Saeco espresso coffee machine apart from the competition is the attention that the company pays to the little details. On every unit, you will find unexpected features like a self-cleaning mechanism, a rotating ‘Lazy Susan’ installment and even a touch screen control panel. These coffee machines are certainly a whole different animal from the typical humdrum coffee machine, earning themselves the nickname ‘Super Automatic.’

Saeco Espresso Coffee Machine Models: A Class of Their Own

All the current models of Saeco espresso coffee machines are classified into one of three groups – the Odea line, Talea line and Primea lines. Each line has its own distinctive design and special features all to help you achieve that perfect cup of coffee every time.

Based on their prices, you might conclude that the Odea line of Saeco espresso coffee machines is the company’s ‘lowest’ on its range of units. With each unit at $500 to $600, the Odea line isn’t cheap or basic by a long shot. The price tag, however, is justified by its array of features like the ceramic grinder and the patented Saeco OptiDose technology. All of that is housed in an attractive, modern-looking exterior designed by the world-famous BMW Designworks USA.

Just a notch above the Odea line is the line of Talea super automatic espresso coffee machines. It has all the features of the Odea line, plus a few updates like the SBS Saeco Brewing System and the Milk Island, which allows you to make lattes with ease. BMW Designworks USA was once again behind the beautiful chassis, which garnered the Red Dot award for design excellence in 2007.

Leading the pack of Saeco espresso coffee machines is the Primea line whose units seem to come equipped with everything but the kitchen sink. It has the complete range of features of the lines before it, plus Cappucinatore technology which lets it prepare two beverages simultaneously. One unit in this line even has a full-color touch screen interface, making it arguably the most user-friendly machine of them all.

A Saeco espresso coffee machine certainly does not come cheap; that is one harsh but true fact. The most expensive group, the Primea line, has units bearing price tags of up to $3,000. If, however, you believe in the value of that perfect cup of coffee, then a Saeco expresso coffee machine is definitely a good investment.