The Delights of the Delonghi Espresso Coffee Machine

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of different espresso machines on the market. Yes, they all offer features and prices that are worth a look but when looking for the best espresso machine on the market, you need look no further than the Delonghi espresso machine.

Here is a bit of information on two of the best models of Delonghi espresso machines on the market.

The Wonder of the Magnifica

When looking for a bit of luxury to go with your morning cup of espresso, you absolutely need to invest in the Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine. This espresso machine is the perfect mix of style and function. Not only does this espresso machine grind whole beans, heat the water, force the water through the grounds, and dump out the old grounds it also looks amazing while doing it. The Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine doesn’t just make the perfect cup of espresso, it also offers to quench your thirst for cappuccinos, lattes, and straight-up coffee.

If looking to purchase an espresso machine for your business, you won’t go wrong with buying a Magnifica espresso machine from Delonghi.

This Delonghi model brings true international flavors into your home or business with the simple push of a button. This espresso machine takes the work from your hands and brings you amazing espresso all the way from the whole beans to your waiting mug.

The Grand Dame of Espresso Machines

Another of the Delonghi espresso machines worth a look is the Gran Dama or the Grand Dame. This madam of espresso machine is on the high end of the technological coffee machine buzz. This espresso machine features a completely digital read out screen that feeds you all the information related to the brewing of your espresso. This espresso machine is also programmable, which means you can set it and forget it until you smell the coffee a-brewing. If you want your coffee super hot and super strong, just adjust the strength and temperature using the programmable menu settings.

The Gran Dama is a compact beauty that is easy to clean (no unscrewing to clean the parts), and features Thermoblock technology which allows even heat distribution. This amazing Delonghi espresso machine takes the labor out of brewing espresso and makes it seem almost magical. This grand dame of espresso machines may set you back a pretty penny, but because she is so good at making all your guests happy, she is worth the price you pay to have her “entertain” in your home. Delicious coffee and decadent design combines in this Delonghi model to create the perfect espresso machine.

No, Delonghi isn’t the only espresso machine maker out there but they are among the best in the business. When you purchase a Delonghi espresso machine, either the Magnifica or the Gran Dama, you are investing in an espresso machine that will guarantee the perfect cup or coffee every single time.