Keurig B3000

It is a pleasure to know that one perk still offered to employees of large businesses is the complimentary coffee that keeps so many workers focused and on task. While some people reach for the java all day long, others are just looking for that wake-me-up-and-get-me-moving cup of joe early in the morning or during that late afternoon lull many people face.

But how much of a perk do people feel it is who reach for that coffeepot only to find it empty? Moreover, some will make it to the break room to find coffee still in the pot, but having been there so long it resembles mud? Valuable time is likely being wasted each and every day right in your office as employees struggle to scrub clean the burned coffeepot.

You could call the Keurig B3000 the bottomless cup producer. You may consider yourself an office hero for bringing one into your workplace. The Keurig B3000 is plumbed directly into a water line, doing away with the ‘it’s always me making the coffee’ syndrome. Each member of your office will have the opportunity to quickly brew his or her own fresh hot cup. Additionally, the dilemma over how long the coffee has been sitting is over. You can brew a fresh cup every sixty seconds because of the innovative direct line.

Because the B3000 uses a unique K-Cup design each and every individual cup is brewed to size; you can even choose from four, six, eight, and ten-ounce cup sizes based on how much or how little you enjoy. There will be no more scraping that burned coffeepot with a scowl on your face. Not only will the Keurig B3000 solve these problems, it is designed with an eye towards saving the employer money by cutting down on waste – a plus for everyone! The Keurig B3000 also cuts down on waste; and insures that each person gets their brew the strength they prefer. No more drama over who can’t get their work done because they feel they must play maid to the entire staff and take care of the messes every day with the automatic K-Cup ejection and storage facility feature.

Reflectively, by reclaiming this perk you are creating a more positive atmosphere–showing your staff you appreciate them–and you are improving their working conditions and yours. The digital, easy to read user interface allows you to select from three different languages, making it great for a diversified office staff.

This coffee connoisseur’s delight does not need a flashy sales pitch; after you’ve tried a cup you will be sold. Their website even has a free 3-day in-office trial. The Keurig B3000 is by far the most innovative piece of office equipment created in a very long time.