Jura Capresso Impressa C5 Review

[easyazon-image asin=”B00330QVLG” alt=”Jura-Capresso 13531 Impressa C5 Fully Automatic Coffee Center, Piano Black” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/414Du77U%2BBL._SL75_.jpg” align=”right” width=”74″ height=”75″]Browsing on Amazon.com the other day and this particular espresso machine caught my eye. The Jura-Capresso Impressa C5 Automatic Coffee Center made me salivate when I first saw it.

Amazon will gift wrap this treasure if you want to give it to a friend or loved one, but I can’t imagine buying this cool looking espresso maker and giving it away. This machine would be a great addition to my kitchen, and I can’t resist the idea of not having to stop at the local coffee shop on the way to work every morning to get my espresso fix.

A Closer Look At The Jura Capresso Impressa C5

Not only does this beauty make espresso at the touch of a button, it also makes what I can only imagine is a killer cup of coffee. This baby will pay for itself in no time, as much coffee as I drink.

Upon closer look at this machine, I’m reminded of something from a 1980’s science fiction movie because it looks like, in addition to making a cup of coffee or espresso, this machine could blast me into a world where no one has gone before. Let’s take a look at what this baby can do.

Here’s A Video Of The C5 in Action

As you can see the machine does a pretty good job of that latte.

Features of The Jura Capresso Impressa C5

This Jura-Capresso machine comes with a thermo-block heating system. That gives me confidence that every cup of coffee I make with this machine will come out hot and delicious. There is nothing worse in this world than hot coffee that ends up lukewarm at best.

I need a steaming cup of coffee to get me going most mornings, especially those cold winter mornings when all you want to do is crawl back in your nice, warm bed.

[easyazon-image asin=”B00330QVLG” alt=”Jura-Capresso 13531 Impressa C5 Fully Automatic Coffee Center, Piano Black” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/414Du77U%2BBL._SL160_.jpg” align=”left” width=”157″ height=”160″]There is one part of the C5 machine that reminds me of the old telephone my grandmother had in her house when I was a kid; the rotary dial that lets you choose whether or not you want to make a cup of coffee or an espresso. I didn’t think any company used anything even remotely like that any more.

I feel like instead of using the dial to choose what kind of drink I want to make, I should just call the milkman and make sure I’m still getting ice-cold milk delivered to my front door. I suppose I should just be thankful that I do have the option of making either coffee or espresso with the same machine. As tiny as my kitchen is, the last thing I have room for is multiple appliances.

The Jura Capresso Impressa C5 can make one or two cups of coffee at once. This is brilliant in my opinion. There are mornings where I’m really dragging that I’ll drink a cup of coffee at home before I leave for work and I’ll drink another cup of coffee on the way to work.

Now when I wait till the last minute to make the coffee (which happens more often than not lately) this life saving machine will save me precious time in the morning. Anything that makes my life more efficient makes me quite happy. Another great feature of this coffee maker is that it comes with a cappuccino frother that can alternatively be used as a hot water nozzle.

This makes me salivate even more when I think about owning this beautiful piece of machinery.

The Buzz on The Jura Capresso Impressa C5: Both Good and Bad

Of the six reviews I saw on Amazon.com regarding the C5, five of the reviewers gave this product a five star rating. The sixth reviewer gave it a three star rating. Overall, everyone that reviewed it seemed pretty happy with it.

The Good

People seem to agree that not only is the machine easy to use, it lasts for quite awhile. One reviewer even said they had been using machines similar to the C5 since the 1980’s, and due to heavy use, none of them ever lasted more than a year.

The C5 machine has lasted this person three years and after three years the machine still works perfectly. It’s always good when an appliance has the longevity that this one seems to. For you average working class citizen, this machine costs quite a chunk of change. Knowing it is a quality machine that is likely to last years is a great selling point to most of us.

The Bad

On the other side of the coin, I also read a review on Amazon where the person purchased an Impressa C5, but actually ended up exchanging it for a different one. The person’s reasoning behind the exchange was that they wanted to control the temperature and overall technique used to make their espresso.

Sure, you can’t control the temperature with this machine, but as long as it makes me a great cup of coffee, I don’t really care. Another of the reviewers on Amazon wrote that the C5 is not only too hard to use, it’s not worth the money it costs.

While I do agree that it’s a pretty expensive product for your average Joe, it seems to be a good investment for any heavy coffee drinker. The reviewer that said it was too hard to use said it took them at least two hours to read the owner’s manual.

While that’s a shame for them, I can’t assume because this person found it hard to use that I would too. Some people are more tech savvy than others, and some people are better at reading and following instructions than others.

Further Opinions on the Impressa C5 Machine

I was curious to see what people who purchased this product elsewhere thought about it, so I did a search for the product and found another site with consumer reviews on the C5. One reviewer commented that they think it is worth the money they spent on it, but they wish they could control the temperature better.

The difference between this reviewer and the one on Amazon that was unhappy about not being able to control the temperature is that this reviewer kept the product, despite having a complaint about it. Overall though, most of the consumer reviews I read were in favor of the product.

My Final Analysis of the Jura Capresso Impressa C5

If I’m going to spend the money to purchase what I consider to be a luxury appliance, I’m going to go with the Impressa C5. I’ve weighed both the pros and the cons of owning this machine and I can’t think of a decent reason why I should turn down the chance to have one.

I would feel like I had my own mini, do it yourself coffee shop right in my kitchen, and that is something I just can’t resist. I justify the large price tag on this item by pointing out the amount of money I’ll save by making my daily coffee at home, as opposed to buying it every morning.

And heck, when it comes from my own kitchen, I know it will be made exactly the way I want it. Just being able to avoid the long lines at the coffee shop makes this machine worth purchasing. Plus, I would enjoy having a new toy to play with. Anything that makes life easier is a winner to me.

Where Can I Buy It And How Much Should I Pay?

As usual we foundĀ Amazon had the best price we could find for this machine.

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