Gaggia Platinum Vision Review – One Powerful Espresso Machine

[easyazon-image asin=”B001G8Y1QE” alt=”Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island, Platinum” src=”” align=”right” width=”74″ height=”75″]If caffeine is as integral a part of your life as it is mine, you’ve probably slowly come to realize that there is a huge difference in how fast espresso picks you up compared to coffee. The Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision automatic espresso machine is serious about providing your daily fix of concentrated caffeine any way you like it.

The concentrated blend of coffee and milk we call espresso has been around since 1884. Since then, the popularity of espresso machines has spread to all over the world. Now you can bring home the authentic taste of a café espresso with the Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision espresso machine.

When you’re talking about an Italian company that has been producing espresso machines since 1948, you expect a certain level of quality. Gaggia has been creating top-of-the-line espresso machines for over 50 years and been a major component in the popularity of espresso in both Europe and the United States.

From small home brewing machines to professional-grade equipment, Gaggia has a strong track record, and the 90950 Platinum-Vision is no exception.

Customer Experiences
Most customers have found the Platinum-Vision a good fit for their home espresso cravings. Some have found they even enjoy it more than local restaurant espresso.

The pros to this machine are that is fairly affordable when compared to other espresso machines of this caliber. The self cleaning feature is a major advantage and saves you a lot of time. The ability to schedule when the device starts making espresso is great, too.

Many common complaints center on the computer system. Many have reported that it is difficult to use or even stops functioning all together. It is important to consult your warranty and be sure you understand your options if you do experience such a problem.

Check Out This In-Depth Video of The Gaggia Platinum Vision

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Powerful Features of The Platinum Vision

The Gaagia 90950 has some serious power. Check out some of these great features:

Espresso Plus Beverage System
If each member of your family has specific preferences on how strong they prefer their espresso, the Espresso Plus system allows you to adjust how much caffeine is concentrated in your cup. Adjust it to the individual user’s preference for the perfect cup.

Temperature Control
Everyone knows the temperature of water when brewing either coffee or espresso plays a huge factor in the taste and body of the drink. The Platinum-Vision features an automated temperature control system to get it right every time.

Aqua Prima Water Filtration System
Don’t pollute your perfect cup of espresso with impurities from the tap. The Gaggia 90950 has a built in filtration system to make sure only the purest water makes it into your mix.

Serious Hardware
Out of the box, you’ll immediately get the idea that the Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision is a professional piece of equipment. From the sleek, metallic exterior to the digital touch screen, this is truly a luxury espresso machine.

Touch Screen Interface
The touch screen interface is not just a fancy gimmick, it makes it very easy to program in exactly how much and what kind of espresso you want to make. It also alerts you when you’re running low on water or the unit needs cleaning. Elegant and futuristic, the computer interface does it’s job well.

Electric Dip Tray
I never would have thought of this feature, but it is pretty cool to watch the machine adjust the needed height to whatever size cup you happen to be using. The machine automatically corrects for different size cups so you don’t get any mess.

Frothing Wand and Milk Island
Espresso is all about getting that perfect foamy surface. The revolving frothing wand is perfect for making lattes, americanos, cappuccinos and other drinks.

Add in the Milk Island accessory with mail-in rebate and you have a espresso-making super machine ready to go. Frothy milk is key in creating the perfect espresso. The milk island accessory is powered by the Platinum-Vision and keeps the milk at the perfect temperature.

Ceramic Coffee Grinder
No espresso machine would be complete without a coffee grinder. The ceramic burr coffee grinder is very consistent and surprisingly quiet. Like all other parts of the Platimun-Vision, it is clearly of high quality construction.

Intuitive Design
One of the greatest things about the Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision is the fact that it is designed so well for day-to-day and regular use.

The ability to program in a daily schedule for when the machine will turn on and get your espresso going is truly innovative. The computer system offers a myriad of other options as well:

Programmable Schedules and Alarms

  • 13 Different Languages
  • Different time format displays
  • Configurable settings for Grinding including Decaf option
  • Hard water removal settings
  • Standby Modes

Low Maintenance
Anyone who has ever owned an espresso machine knows that there are a lot of moving parts involved that need regular cleaning. This can be a big job! The Platinum-Vision delivers in this aspect as well.

The computer system automatically tracks usage and knows when it is time for a cleaning. When that time comes, will you be scrubbing the inside of tubes by hand?

No you will not. The Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision is self cleaning too!

Just drop in one of the included cleaning tablets, and run the cleaning cycle. The machine takes care of the rest. This is one of the most convenient features about the unit. The Platinum-Vision does what it can do serve you.

Every component of the Gaggia Platinum-Vision is well-constructed and sturdy. This could easily fulfill the espresso needs of a small coffee shop or restaurant.

There is nothing quite like the taste of a freshly brewed espresso. Now you don’t have to go to a restaurant to get the level of quality you’ve come to love. The Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision brings the eye-opening aromas and rich flavors of Italian espresso home to your own kitchen.

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