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Evolution+Semi-Automatic+Espresso+Machine+in+SilverThe Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine is one of the most popular consumer espresso machines available today.

What is a day that does not start with a cup of coffee? Even if there is coffee, the day is ruined with the over roasted coffee which changes the whole flavor of it.

All the thoughts of a bad coffee are quickly dismissed with the Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine.

This coffee machine is a perfect fit at home and in the office. It dispenses two cups of coffee at a single time which can help save time.

This espresso coffee machine does not over heat the coffee beans which gives out the perfect flavor and with the heater automatically adjusts to the temperature of the coffee and hence produces the best coffee at the required temperature.

It also has a separate steamer to make the coffee hot enough that suits your needs. The steamer is shaped in the form of a tube which goes into the cup thus heating the coffee from the bottom and prevents any chance of burning the hands while heating.

The Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine is carved to perfection. It is a perfect blend of modern style and tradition with its clean and neat lines, valuable materials and exclusive finish. There is surely a huge effort put in by the designers of this coffee machine which is clearly visible by its user friendly design.

The water reservoir has a capacity of 1.25 lt. which can be removed sideways and the large space on the base can accommodate two cups at a time and has 3 filters – 1 cup / 1 pod / 2 cups.

The machine is accompanied by a measuring spoon, tamper and a one cup filter which is suitable for coffee pods and ground coffee.

The Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine is available in silver, black, ivory and white colors and makes a perfect gift for Christmas and all other occasions.

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