Gaggia Baby Espresso Machine – Highly elegant and functional

Gaggia Baby Espresso Machine

Gaggia Baby Espresso Machine

People buy espresso machines with great expectations. However, most of the expectations are not met because the machines do not give the right espresso taste that they have been looking for.

The Gaggia Baby Espresso Machine is one of the current favorites and has received positive reviews of giving the taste that people usually relish at a nearby coffee shop.

These machines are refined with brushed stainless steel exteriors. They have an advanced system of controlling the dosage of coffee. This dosing system helps people get the right amount of coffee according to their needs. These Gaggia coffee makers come with a preinfusion function.

These coffee machines weigh around 7.5 kg. The water tank is removable making it easy for you to clean regularly. The capacity of the water tank is anywhere between 1.6 to 2 liters which means you can make coffee for your entire team of colleagues or a huge gathering.

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The water is pumped at a pressure of 15 to 17.5 bar pump which means that the coffee is mixed at its best. This also ensures the users get the right lather. The filter holder and the group come in a beautifully finished chrome brass. The other great feature is that you can make two cups of coffee simultaneously with the Gaggia Baby Espresso Machine.

There is a separate cappuccino accessory to make your coffee experience wonderful. There is an electronic control panel which comes with a Touch-Ring system. You’ll  be happy to know that there is an active cup warming plate to keep your coffee warm. The entire body is that of stainless steel and you will not face any problem of staining in future. Cleaning is extremely easy because most of the units are detachable and can be easily attached after cleaning. The machine comes with a solenoid valve making it more functional.

The Gaggia Baby Espresso Machine is commercial in style. There is a unique boiling system that is equipped with two heaters. One helps in quick heating and the other helps in equal heat distribution. The Turbo Frother is exclusively available in Gaggia machines for creating extra froth. The multi positioned Pannarello wand helps in the steaming process. The entire system is semi-automatic and is compatible with ESE sized pods.

You will definitely be proud to own this product and make it a part of your kitchen accessories.

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