Where to Buy an Espresso Machine in Montreal

There are plenty of great spots all around Montreal that offer espresso machines for sale. The choices that you have when it comes to where to buy an espresso machine in Montreal are great to take a look at. These include not only a number of spots that offer a variety of different machines but also a few spots that are devoted to specific brand names in the field of espresso machines.

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Le Café Crème is a good spot to consider. This spot on Rue Saint-Hubert offers a variety of espresso machines from Italy. It offers the La Pavoni, Saeco, Gaggia and Mokita brands of espresso machines among many others.

Nespresso has its own special retail outlet on 2045 Rue Crescent. The outlet offers a variety of different machines for sale including the D110 Citiz. It also offers a variety of capsules that can be used inside of a machine and even a tasting area where you can try out different kinds of Nespresso coffees for your espresso machine.

Saeco, another top name espresso machine company, has its own additional store. This is located at 8145 Boulevard Saint-Laurent near Parc Jarry. This is a supplier that offers different espresso machines. You can get large bags of coffee beans off of this supply location. You can even get a Saeco machine serviced here. The site only works with Saeco machines but that is still a great brand to take a look at.

Café Union is another site to see when it comes to where to buy an espresso machine in Montreal. Café Union is at 148 Rue Jean-Talon-Ouest and is just south of Saint-Laurent. This spot sells many machines but it is especially useful for those who need to get their machines serviced. You may be able to get some recommendations on what you can get based on your needs, budget and experience with espresso machines.

Breville has a spot where you can get some of its many espresso machines. The Anglo Canadian Housewares store at 2555 Chemin de l’Aviation is home to the head office for Breville’s Canadian functions. The site sells a variety of Breville espresso machines including the Barista Express. The solutions that you have for getting something here are varied.

Finally, you might want to think about a store that offers not only espresso machines but also parts and other items for your machine in the event that it is not able to work as well as it should. I have found Metro Caisses at 9505 Avenue Papineau to be a good option to take a look at. Metro Caisses offers a massive variety of espresso machines and even includes a few refurbished items. I have found a number of replacement parts for my Rancillo Silvia at this location in the past.

You should use these options if you want to get the best possible solution when finding the best espresso machine in Montreal. These choices can offer you the best solutions based on what you have in mind and can include many of the best brands in the field.