How to Choose a Good Espresso Machine

We all love the smell of a freshly made espresso in our favorite coffee shop. There is something magical about the aroma and the way it is brewed to perfection. Then in our brilliance we set out on a quest for that most perfect of espresso machines that will recreate the same type and quality of espresso that we buy at the shop. Here are some tips for how to choose a good espresso machine that should have you frothing at home soon.

Steam Driven or Pump Driven Espresso Machine?

The first consideration is whether or not the machine you are considering is steam driven or pump driven. If you really want to be an amateur barista, you have to go for a pump driven model. The best espresso is made by high pressure hot water being pushed through the filter with freshly ground espresso beans. This extracts the rich flavors that are found in the beans and releases the oils in the bean that add fragrance. A steam driven model doesn’t have the capacity to produce the amount of pressure to create a coffee house espresso. There are automatic pump models and semi automatic pump models to consider.

Espresso Machine Size

The next consideration is the size of the machine. If you have very limited counter space you are going to be a bit crunched for space. Some espresso machines will really take up a lot of room. Super automatic models are bulky and often quite heavy. This makes it nearly impossible to store them in a cabinet or lug them out whenever you want a latte.

When deciding how to choose a good espresso machine, you have to consider your space. Even though pump models are the best, you may not be able to fit one without sacrificing counter space.

Espresso Machine Price

Another consideration is price. Price has absolutely nothing to do with how good an espresso machine is, but it can factor into choosing a good machine. Pump model espresso machines can run over $1,800!

Everyone has their own budget for an espresso machine base on what they can afford. As these machines can be pricey, this is a major consideration when figuring out how to choose a good espresso machine.

The next one is the overall look of the machine. If you are going to shell out serious money for an espresso machine, it probably should look like you shelled out some serious dough. A machine of high caliber should be well designed and have a little curb appeal.

The espresso maker should look like a high quality machine and shine like the sun on your counter. After paying out big bucks the machine should look like something with finesse that belongs in a fine Italian cafe rather than the corner donut shop.

In the end an espresso machine is an investment. The last consideration when purchasing an espresso machine is the ease of use. It is important to make sure that the machine is not so complicated that you cannot figure out how to work it!

If you are not very good at learning machines or you don’t read directions you may want an automatic model rather than a manual one. Will you clean it regularly? All of these are important factors when you decide to purchase an espresso machine.

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