Best Espresso Machine Under $500

New! Check out our review of the DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine

Espresso machines range in price from under $100 to over $1000. If you’re looking for something that will last and has great performance but doesn’t break the bank, you’ll most likely have to pay between $200 and $500.

Got a budget of $500? Here is our pick of the top 3 best espresso machines under $500.

Delonghi EC702

The Delonghi EC702 is one of the most popular espresso machines available. It claims to be able to create cafe-standard espresso at just the right temperature and pressure. This machine looks great too and it’s easy to clean. It warms up very quickly indeed and isn’t sluggish about frothing the milk perfectly. You can use either fresh ground coffee or those coffee pods so it’s pretty flexible.
Estimated price $160

Breville Barista Express BES860xl

I've promoted the Breville Barista Express to second place because I’ve noticed it’s dropped to under $500 on Amazon. It’s a fantastically elegant and heavy machine designed in Italy. It’s got a built in grinder so no need to buy a separate one. That brings it close to super automatic status but still has the portafilter for maximum flexibility. Check it out.
Estimated price $495

Nespresso D290

The Nespresso D290 is one of the easiest to use machines at the moment, probably because it’s based around the Nespresso capsule concept and its whopping 19 bars of pressure. This machine is an espresso machine and a coffee maker and is a part of Nespresso’s Concept Line.

This means it is designed with a practical, modern, and logistical design in both style and function. It’s programmable and has a five cup capacity, using coffee filled capsules in its espresso pod.

Estimated price $400