Best Espresso Machine For The Home

Espresso is important to your life. Even if you already have a coffee maker, it doesn’t have the same taste and flavor of an espresso beverage. The problem is figuring out the technical terms and features so you can buy the best home espresso machine to suit your needs.

Considering Espresso Machines With Electric Pumps

The electric pump is a nice feature to have on an espresso machine, as it generates high pressure. It makes sure the pressure is correct for the specific drink. Other options of machines are the piston or level machine, stove top, or the steam machine. (Don’t bother buying a steam machine if you’re serious about espresso.)

The difference between these options is they often require more effort or skill to produce the appropriate drink. This is often too difficult for the novice. The electric pump is considered more effortless, which is a factor many consider when choosing the best home espresso machine.

Having said that I recently stayed in a hotel where they had a Nespresso capsule machine in the room and I could not get the darn thing to work at all. I’ll stick with my Delonghi thanks.

(NOTE: I’m very happy with my Delonghi EC702 at the moment. It’s under $200 and works quickly. Eventually I’d like a Jura Capresso but my budget doesn’t stretch that far at the moment)

Three Categories Offered

These electric pump espresso machines are broken up into three categories, which are semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic. The semi-automatic option is the most basic, as everything is completed manually except for the steam pressure. This includes grinding the beans and filling the basket. This is the cheapest and simplest way to introduce espresso into the home. I usually just buy ready ground coffee rather than grinding beans myself.

The automatic option is a step up. The machine lets you select volume and strength of espresso. The unit will also automatically control and generate the amount of water and steam to produce the desired power. Super automatic espresso machines are considered the best option for anyone who has the money and wants all the features. It can do everything for a person with just the touch of a button.

Everyone’s Different

The best home espresso machine can easily be different for each person. This is why it’s important to know how much you want to be automatic so you can make the appropriate selection.

If you look online, it is very easy to determine what the most popular espresso machines are. They are made by DeLonghi, Krups, Breville, Cuisinart, and even Mr. Coffee! But the most popular doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best home espresso machine for you and your home. There are some features that you just shouldn’t have to do without and some features that might just not be worth the money, so understanding what an espresso machine can offer is important before you make the purchase.

Do You Need a Grinder?

One thing that most people really like having on their espresso machine is a coffee grinder. Grinding your coffee in this manner is quieter, cleaner and, depending on the model that you buy, much easier for you to dispose of the grinds. Buying beans instead of grinds is easier, too, and sometimes it is more affordable.

What About the Water Tank?

A good quality water filtration system with a large tank is another feature that can really make or break even the best home espresso machine. Although the larger the tank, the larger the machine, you will also appreciate the fact that a large tank means that you won’t have to fill up your coffee maker every single morning.

Personalize the Espresso That You Make

Another feature that is essential for people who really enjoy good coffee is the ability to adjust the strength, flavor, and temperature of the espresso that comes out. There are always those people who love their espresso particularly thick and hot, while others want something that is a little more drinkable, and a good machine will allow you to make those adjustments without changing beans. When you are trying to find the best home espresso machine, it is important to keep all of these features in mind.

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