What Can you Make with an Espresso Machine?

Darn good coffee that’s what!

You spent time stressing over which espresso machine to buy. You found the perfect one! It was the right price, it gets great reviews, it looks fabulous on your counter. Now you find yourself asking the most simple of questions. What can you make with an espresso machine?

The answer is even more simple, an awful lot! These machines are versatile and meant to make a variety of beverages. Of course, most believe the only thing that comes out of an espresso machine is a cup of espresso or cappuccino! There are lots of options with an espresso machine. Here are some great beverages to try.

First, of course is espresso! To make a great cup you should start with filtered water because it is more pure and will not take away from the flavor of the espresso beans. Then choose beans that are rich in flavor. Smell them if you can before you purchase them. They should have a vibrant and rich bodied scent when you open the bag. Inspect the beans as they should have a little bit of an oily residue to them. Have them ground (or better yet use your own mini grinder to make it fresher)for an espresso machine. Fill up your machine with coffee and enjoy a cup in its simplest forms.

The next classic espresso machine favorite is cappuccino. The secret to this beverage isn’t just in the espresso but in the frothed milk. The espresso is made much in the same way as mentioned before but then you have to froth your milk.

You can use any milk from whole to skim to accomplish this. Ideally, the milk should get to about 150 degrees
Fahrenheit to be frothed properly. One can also eyeball it to make sure you have a nice head of froth to top off your drink.

Lattes are another great drink to be made with an espresso machine. Lattes are very similar to cappuccinos in preparation. The difference comes in the amount of milk added to the drink. Lattes usually have more milk than a cappuccino. Some coffee houses prepare them without foam or very little but you can add foam from the milk in the same way that you do with a cappuccino.

A cafe mocha is another great variant to the beverage list of what can you make with an espresso machine. This is basically a latte that has either special chocolate syrup or mocha powder (or both) added to it with the espresso, then the milk, then the froth. It is a sweet and delicious treat that makes your sweet tooth sing!

Finally, there are other things a creative individual can do with an espresso machine. If you have a home ice cream maker, coffee flavored ice cream is about the most delicious thing on Earth to a coffee lover.

Espresso is preferred over regular coffee when making coffee ice cream because it is bolder and will blend with the cream but not be overcome by it. Espresso can really make your coffee ice cream something special!