DeLonghi EC702 Review – Where To Buy It?

Delonghi EC702

The other day my friend was asking me which Delonghi espresso machine was the best. Rather embarrassingly I couldn’t tell her so I started to do a bit of research.

I spent a good while on the web and in forums researching Delonghi products. It turns out the Delonghi EC702 is one of their best selling machines after the cheaper EC155 and the Bar32 Retro Pump.

One of the cool things about this espresso machine is that they’ve included a patented Sempre Crema Filter meaning you can use ground coffee, espresso coffee or coffee pods. (Although I’m not a huge fan of the pods)


It fits under my cupboards

(UPDATE: I bought this machine for my new kitchen and so far, I love it! Amazon’s discount prices change daily so check out the sale price for this item right now by clicking here)

What I Like About The Delonghi EC702

  • One of my main considerations was that the machine would fit under the cupboards on my kitchen counter. The Delonghi EC702 is short enough in height that it fits perfectly.
  • The water tank is accessible from the side of the machine so no need to access the top of the machine. This means it can sit under the cupboards in my kitchen and I don’t have to move it to fill it up with water.
  • I think it’s a pretty good looking machine even though it’s design might be not as modern as some other machines. I like the stainless steel look.
  • Easy to clean drainer. Easy to take apart, rinse and put back in under a minute.
  • The portafilter is nice and light compared to a Gaggia one, which are usually quite heavy.
  • It heats up really quickly and compared to using a stovetop espresso maker, I save about 5 minutes.

What I Don’t Like

  • There’s not enough room under the portafilter to put a normal sized mug. You have to use a wee espresso cup or shot glass. But these are readily available on Amazon and are a good investment anyway.
  • The steam wand is awkward to use in a mug. I keep thinking the milk is going to spill. The wand isn’t flexible enough and you have to use it at an angle. However, it’s fine if you use a proper milk jug which again, are cheaply available online.
  • I haven’t been able to get the pods supplied with it to produce a good espresso. But that’s ok because I prefer using freshly ground coffee anyway.


  • Height: 12-4/5 inches
  • Length: 8-1/5 inches
  • Depth: 12 inches

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Delonghi EC702

  • 15 bar pump pressure
  • Stainless steel boiler providing lasting durability
  • Double function filter meaning you can use ground coffee or espresso pods
  • An adjustable frother for easy frothing
  • A double thermostat system for steaming and brewing
  • Easy to clean with a removable drip tray
  • Cup warmer meaning your coffee stays warm longer
  • The size is 12 by 8-1/5 by 12-4/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty
This is a comprehensive espresso machine at a surprisingly good price brewing proper espresso whilst remaining highly flexible. Despite the fact that you can get much better pump machines, the quality you get is excellent. And it’s within most people’s budget.

Here’s an in depth video about the Delonghi EC702

As you can see from the video this is a nice machine and works quickly and effectively. It gets some pretty rave reviews at online e-commerce sites and that’s exactly where I got mine.

Here’s What People Are Saying About It

“Outstanding crema, looks fantastic, super simple to use. The wand thing works perfectly. I’ve prefected the process of making excellent espresso with this machine, and with any type of milk I can make perfect microfoam.”


“This excellent machine makes it easy to steam milk, so there’s no hanging around waiting for the froth and holding up my espresso. Also, the tank is very simple to clean because you can remove it.”

This machine looks great too and it’s easy to clean. It warms up very quickly indeed and isn’t sluggish about frothing the milk. To clean it you don’t need to take out the complete reservoir. Rather you can simply pull out the little drawer and spray in more water.

It fits well under kitchen cupboards being not too tall.

A well priced espresso machine that will probably suit most espresso lovers just fine.

And where to buy it? We found Amazon usually have the best price plus free shipping.