Gaggia Brera Review

[easyazon-image asin=”B003XV31IG” alt=”Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine, Silver” src=”” align=”right” width=”160″ height=”160″]The Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine combines the appeal of a reputable, traditional Italian barista experience in a space-saving size for your home. Rest assured, the Gaggia Brera may be compact, but it is mighty, being touted as comparable to other well-known and durable coffee house machines. The face of the machine is offered in stylish, brushed stainless steel; however, you may choose between two colors for its sides: black and silver.


Upon looking at the Gaggia Brera, it certainly seems to be the right choice for the savvy and practical espresso drinker. It is easy to assume that the Gaggia Brera customer also honors a history of quality product. It may actually be safe to say that the Gaggia Brera is the closest you can get to having an Italian coffee house in your own home.

After considering the history of the company and the admiring reviews of customers, I’m thinking that the Gaggia Brera is the right machine to impress your taste buds and discerning guests.

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Gaggia Brera

The water tank

Gaggia Brera

Fill her up with beans

Customer Reviews

On Whole Latte Love, there are 6 reviews on the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine for an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

  • The reviews are glowingly positive with most attention given to the ease of use and compact size of the machine.
  • Further positive feedback included easy cleaning, quality of the espresso, and a great value regarding the price.
  • Another compliment common to the reviews included the fact that the water tank is located in the front of the machine adding to the ease of use for refilling water.
  • Other specific comments included that the machine is relatively quiet or at least much quieter than previous Gaggia espresso machine models and that the look of the machine is attractive.
  • The only negative feedback provided in this set of reviews was that one customer mentioned not liking the position of the steam wand.
  • Customers noted the compact size, reminding potential customers that if you brew a large quantity of coffee at once, the compact size may not be for you.

There are three reviews on with an entertaining 4.5 cups of coffee out of five.

  • Again, these reviews were full of accolades about ease of use, a classy look, compact size, and easy maintenance.
  • Customers consistently felt that the Gaggia Brera machine was worth the money.
  • One commented specifically that it is a better machine than other brands.
  • One reviewer even went so far to say that the purchase improved his marriage, as his wife believes him to be a genius for choosing a Gaggia Brera!

Currently, there is one review on Amazon and it gave 4 out of 5 stars to the Gaggia Brera.

This customer in particular praised the Gaggia company and has been a loyal Gaggia customer for years. She was pleased with the product and certainly recommended it to others; however, she cautioned against using espresso blend coffee beans that are considered oily.

It is her opinion that Costco brand espresso blend coffee beans are oily and may have caused problems, plugging up her machine after about 5 months of use. She sent her machine to the store where she bought it from to be fixed, and the workers there only recommended buying a dryer brand of bean. Ever since, their machine is working great, and she remains a faithful Gaggia customer.


The Gaggia Brera was designed intentionally to promote ease of use and maintenance without sacrificing the quality associated with the Gaggia name.

  • Airtight UV-proof 8.8 ounce hopper for storing beans
  • Ceramic grinder for consistent quality
  • Gaggia Adapting System to automatically adjust the rpm of the ceramic grinder for better quality and
  • consistency of beans
  • Stainless steel Pannarello steam wand
  • Rapid Steam Technology
  • Bypass doser to allow you to serve just a simple cup of pre-ground coffee
  • Mavea Water Filter offers four stages of filtration and improves the overall purification system.
  • 1.2-liter water reservoir
  • Standby mode begins after one hour
  • Notification system to suggest care or maintenance
  • Pre-infusion feature for flavor and aroma
  • 15-bar pump and a stainless steel boiler to ensure proper temperature
  • Telescopic coffee dispenser for adjusting the height to match your cup
  • LED display and push-button controls to simplify your brewing process and assist in your beverage selection.
  • The optidose function lets you tailor your preferred aroma to your taste (i.e., light, medium, strong). The machine can keep your settings in memory for your future brews.
  • Self-rinse cycle that activates when the machine is switched on and off


Two year limited warranty

Product Details

  • Weight: 18.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10″W x 12.4″H x 17.5″D
  • Colors: black or silver

The Gaggia Company

The Gaggia company was founded in 1948 by Achille Gaggia, who created the first machine that offered steam-free coffee with cream or froth. The world was looking for a more tasty coffee in contrast to the bitter and burnt taste people typically associated with coffee at the time.

Thank goodness Achille Gaggia was persistent because we benefit from his invention and commitment to taste to this day! Achille Gaggia can also take credit for creating the first at-home espresso machine in the 1950’s. Even still to this day, all Gaggia machines are made in Milan. Gaggia prides itself on providing the top of the line in espresso machines.

The motto of the company, “Tradizione in Continua Evoluzione,” (Constantly Evolving Tradition) effectively describes a mission toward infusing modern technology with time-honored practices so that the delectable espresso you are looking for is available in your home at the touch of a button.

Where Can I Find It?

The best deals on the Gaggia Brera can be found at either or Amazon only offers the silver machine. Roaste actually offered a very competitive price for the black Gaggia Brera, but not the silver Gaggia Brera.

For some reason, this machine was slightly more expensive than what was found on Amazon.
At the Whole Latte Love website, there are instructional videos on using the Gaggia Brera machine; however, the pricing on both the black and silver machines is just slightly higher than what is found at Amazon.

Gaggia Accademia Review

[easyazon-image asin=”B0041G2OZ8″ alt=”Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine” src=”” align=”right” width=”160″ height=”160″]Espresso, some feel, is the embodiment of Italian essence. The qualities bringing obvious complimentary parallels. Strong, dark, and rich in character and the like. So with the name Gaggia, there is a bit of built in emotion because in 1948, Italian Achille Gaggia gave the world the first “steam-free coffee with cream” espresso machine.


On September 5th, 1938, Gaggia filed patent no. 365726, for his lever machine, and created the method which we now refer to as “pulling” a shot. Many consider this to be the superior method for producing the perfect coffee.

Gaggia, today, is a manufacturer of high quality espresso makers like the for the home, including super-automatics, like the Accademia as reviewed in this article and high-end machines for restaurant and shop owners. If you look, you will find Gaggia machines used by plenty of professional baristas.

Of note, all Gaggia products are made in their Robecco sul Navigilio plant in Milan, Italy.

Tell Us About The Gaggia Academia

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This machine is packed with features! Usually I don’t start off a review this way, but this really is a feature driven product. As with every super-automatic that I have reviewed thus far, there are a couple of downsides but I’ll get to those in a minute.

I’m a stickler for really hot coffee and hot coffee drinks, and it’s common for super-automatics to be more “miss”, rather than “hit”, in this department, almost always, with regards to the milks temperature. The Accademia, however, having a steam wand, in addition to the integrated milk dispensing carafe, allows for additional heating should you so choose.

Gaggia Academia

The Academia’s Control Screen

This is the only super-automatic with this feature that I am aware of, and it’s such a great idea, it makes you wonder why others don’t have it. Self-cleaning before, and after each drink is handy as well.

Bomb Proof Machine

According to my research, the Accademia is a very durable machine, with the term “bomb-proof” coming up more than once. Indeed the cabinet hinges look extremely stout.I also like that the brew-group is removable. Simply take it out and rinse, again a nice feature others don’t have.

There is a screen and coordinating buttons for easy programming to set up six different coffee drinks including, espresso, caffe, caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato and also hot water for an Americano or tea.

The look of the machine, like all machines, is subject to the buyers preferences. Honestly, I prefer the look of some of the competition.

There is nothing wrong at all with the Accademia design, it’s just that this is a very expensive, high quality machine, and I would have preferred less plastic, although the front panel is made of a nice fingerprint-proof stainless.

Isn’t It Expensive?

On the downside, this machine like the competition, is expensive, there’s just no getting around that. Though what you get for your money is impressive, and it is, after all, made in Italy. Some of the competition, the Saeco Xelsis Digital ID, for instance, is a bit more high-tech. Whether or not you care about things like finger-print identification for 6 individuals saved settings, however, is up to you.

What Are People Saying About it?

As mentioned above, the Accademia received high marks across the board for durability. This is not a “wimpy” unit, and this was one of the first accolades given by people time and again.

I came across a few complaints of low water, and spent puck capacity. This is a common complaint for any super-automatic though. I wonder when a company will design a system that will allow a direct connection to the tap. Water filtration is very good these days, after all.

Anyway, Gaggia claims a capacity of 1.6 liters, which is reasonable, and a vague “16” for coffee grounds, whatever that means. Sixteen pucks I assume? Well, that came from their website, and I’ll get to that in a minute.


  • Weight: Amazon Reports 27.5lbs. Others claim 46lbs. (Amazon lists shipping weight at 47lbs.)
  • 15 Bar Pump
  • Cup Warmer
  • Adjustable Doser: 7-10.5 grams
  • Two Circuit Stainless Boilers: One for Coffee/ One for Milk
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Adjustable Coffee Dispenser: Max 6.6” H
  • Ceramic Burr Grinder/8 Settings
  • Removable Brew Group
  • Made in Italy


W 11” x H 15.2” x D 16.8”


1-Year Limited


Gaggia is a company that strives for perfection with its coffee products. However, their website is of almost no use to those interested in their products. I don’t really mind all that much, as I always say, you are paying for the machine, not a fancy ad campaign, but it would be nice to have some sort of useable information available right from the source.

It’s rather charming, in a fashion, to read the poor English on the site for example, on one page they ask about how much space you have for their machine, and one of your options reads:

“I don’t have like a space but I would home Gaggia for Italian espresso”

It’s actually worse, but I’d have to change the editing options on my computer to keep it from correcting all of the errors. Totally useless, but worth a laugh if you’re really bored.

Note: It should be noted that the instructions that come with the Accademia are supposed to be very good, and thorough.


The Gaggia Accademia can be found here at The Accademia is in the same price range as its competition and the list price is $2999.00


Aside from a couple of little things, I think the Accademia is a really solid machine. I’m not really sure what, if any, “trickle-down” there really is for companies that make both commercial and home machines. If there is, in this instance, with this company, that would be a really good thing.

I’ve noticed one Portuguese shop that I frequent uses Gaggia equipment. I wouldn’t go there if the product wasn’t excellent. The ambiance helps too, of course, but if I was in the market for a commercial machine I would take a good hard look at Gaggia, and for that reason, I would look to their home products as well.

The story doesn’t end there though, because the truth is that in all of my many hours of research time devoted to espresso makers the Accademia scored as high as any other super-automatic in the price range where it resides.

Gaggia is a thoroughly Italian company. Sure, they may seem a little quirky when viewed from our side of the monitor, but they take espresso seriously, and if you’re reading this, then so do you. They say in their mission statement, that part of their goal is “Constantly evolving tradition.”, and if you measure this with the Accademia, then Achille Gaggia would no doubt be proud.

Read More –> Gaggia Accademia

Gaggia Platinum Vision Review – One Powerful Espresso Machine

[easyazon-image asin=”B001G8Y1QE” alt=”Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island, Platinum” src=”” align=”right” width=”74″ height=”75″]If caffeine is as integral a part of your life as it is mine, you’ve probably slowly come to realize that there is a huge difference in how fast espresso picks you up compared to coffee. The Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision automatic espresso machine is serious about providing your daily fix of concentrated caffeine any way you like it.

The concentrated blend of coffee and milk we call espresso has been around since 1884. Since then, the popularity of espresso machines has spread to all over the world. Now you can bring home the authentic taste of a café espresso with the Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision espresso machine.

When you’re talking about an Italian company that has been producing espresso machines since 1948, you expect a certain level of quality. Gaggia has been creating top-of-the-line espresso machines for over 50 years and been a major component in the popularity of espresso in both Europe and the United States.

From small home brewing machines to professional-grade equipment, Gaggia has a strong track record, and the 90950 Platinum-Vision is no exception.

Customer Experiences
Most customers have found the Platinum-Vision a good fit for their home espresso cravings. Some have found they even enjoy it more than local restaurant espresso.

The pros to this machine are that is fairly affordable when compared to other espresso machines of this caliber. The self cleaning feature is a major advantage and saves you a lot of time. The ability to schedule when the device starts making espresso is great, too.

Many common complaints center on the computer system. Many have reported that it is difficult to use or even stops functioning all together. It is important to consult your warranty and be sure you understand your options if you do experience such a problem.

Check Out This In-Depth Video of The Gaggia Platinum Vision

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Powerful Features of The Platinum Vision

The Gaagia 90950 has some serious power. Check out some of these great features:

Espresso Plus Beverage System
If each member of your family has specific preferences on how strong they prefer their espresso, the Espresso Plus system allows you to adjust how much caffeine is concentrated in your cup. Adjust it to the individual user’s preference for the perfect cup.

Temperature Control
Everyone knows the temperature of water when brewing either coffee or espresso plays a huge factor in the taste and body of the drink. The Platinum-Vision features an automated temperature control system to get it right every time.

Aqua Prima Water Filtration System
Don’t pollute your perfect cup of espresso with impurities from the tap. The Gaggia 90950 has a built in filtration system to make sure only the purest water makes it into your mix.

Serious Hardware
Out of the box, you’ll immediately get the idea that the Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision is a professional piece of equipment. From the sleek, metallic exterior to the digital touch screen, this is truly a luxury espresso machine.

Touch Screen Interface
The touch screen interface is not just a fancy gimmick, it makes it very easy to program in exactly how much and what kind of espresso you want to make. It also alerts you when you’re running low on water or the unit needs cleaning. Elegant and futuristic, the computer interface does it’s job well.

Electric Dip Tray
I never would have thought of this feature, but it is pretty cool to watch the machine adjust the needed height to whatever size cup you happen to be using. The machine automatically corrects for different size cups so you don’t get any mess.

Frothing Wand and Milk Island
Espresso is all about getting that perfect foamy surface. The revolving frothing wand is perfect for making lattes, americanos, cappuccinos and other drinks.

Add in the Milk Island accessory with mail-in rebate and you have a espresso-making super machine ready to go. Frothy milk is key in creating the perfect espresso. The milk island accessory is powered by the Platinum-Vision and keeps the milk at the perfect temperature.

Ceramic Coffee Grinder
No espresso machine would be complete without a coffee grinder. The ceramic burr coffee grinder is very consistent and surprisingly quiet. Like all other parts of the Platimun-Vision, it is clearly of high quality construction.

Intuitive Design
One of the greatest things about the Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision is the fact that it is designed so well for day-to-day and regular use.

The ability to program in a daily schedule for when the machine will turn on and get your espresso going is truly innovative. The computer system offers a myriad of other options as well:

Programmable Schedules and Alarms

  • 13 Different Languages
  • Different time format displays
  • Configurable settings for Grinding including Decaf option
  • Hard water removal settings
  • Standby Modes

Low Maintenance
Anyone who has ever owned an espresso machine knows that there are a lot of moving parts involved that need regular cleaning. This can be a big job! The Platinum-Vision delivers in this aspect as well.

The computer system automatically tracks usage and knows when it is time for a cleaning. When that time comes, will you be scrubbing the inside of tubes by hand?

No you will not. The Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision is self cleaning too!

Just drop in one of the included cleaning tablets, and run the cleaning cycle. The machine takes care of the rest. This is one of the most convenient features about the unit. The Platinum-Vision does what it can do serve you.

Every component of the Gaggia Platinum-Vision is well-constructed and sturdy. This could easily fulfill the espresso needs of a small coffee shop or restaurant.

There is nothing quite like the taste of a freshly brewed espresso. Now you don’t have to go to a restaurant to get the level of quality you’ve come to love. The Gaggia 90950 Platinum-Vision brings the eye-opening aromas and rich flavors of Italian espresso home to your own kitchen.

When we did our research we found Amazon had one of the best online deals for this machine.



Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine – Great Price and FREE Shipping

100_percent_satisfaction Buy Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine with FREE DELIVERY

Evolution+Semi-Automatic+Espresso+Machine+in+SilverThe Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine is one of the most popular consumer espresso machines available today.

What is a day that does not start with a cup of coffee? Even if there is coffee, the day is ruined with the over roasted coffee which changes the whole flavor of it.

All the thoughts of a bad coffee are quickly dismissed with the Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine.

This coffee machine is a perfect fit at home and in the office. It dispenses two cups of coffee at a single time which can help save time.

This espresso coffee machine does not over heat the coffee beans which gives out the perfect flavor and with the heater automatically adjusts to the temperature of the coffee and hence produces the best coffee at the required temperature.

It also has a separate steamer to make the coffee hot enough that suits your needs. The steamer is shaped in the form of a tube which goes into the cup thus heating the coffee from the bottom and prevents any chance of burning the hands while heating.

The Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine is carved to perfection. It is a perfect blend of modern style and tradition with its clean and neat lines, valuable materials and exclusive finish. There is surely a huge effort put in by the designers of this coffee machine which is clearly visible by its user friendly design.

The water reservoir has a capacity of 1.25 lt. which can be removed sideways and the large space on the base can accommodate two cups at a time and has 3 filters – 1 cup / 1 pod / 2 cups.

The machine is accompanied by a measuring spoon, tamper and a one cup filter which is suitable for coffee pods and ground coffee.

The Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine is available in silver, black, ivory and white colors and makes a perfect gift for Christmas and all other occasions.

This fabulous espresso machine can be ordered directly from Amazon.

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