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BrielED171APGWith a great design and durable style the Briel ED171APG-TB espresso machine is the best in the market.

With so many other espresso machines in the market today, what makes this better? Here are the reasons that make this machine a smart bargain for your money.

Unlike other espresso machines, this has the advantage of a drip-coffee maker and the luxury of a semi-automatic coffee maker.

It is made up of a thermostat heating block and a high-pressure brewing system. This is why you have the best chance of getting the best espresso and that too with prefect crème. In addition there is a special safety feature which prevents burn-out even when the machine is left on for a long time.

Even the heating facilities are thermostat controlled for economic energy usage. Another added feature is that the amount of coffee that you need can be pre-selected so that there is no danger of over-flow.

Apart from all these the espresso machine comes with some other desirable ‘add-ins’. It has a free coffee carafe that can be used for storage and serving. The machine can either be fed with per-ground coffee powder or choice espresso pods. There are separate filters for the two different feeds.

These are interchangeable and made of brass. There is a 2liter removable water reservoir at the back and a frothing jet. The machine has a removable over-flow tray for easy cleaning.

The machine can make up to 10 cups of coffee in a single go in case you have some people visiting you. After preparation a pre-selected amount can be filled in cups one at a time or it can be filled and served from a carafe. With its good looks and professional working, the Briel ED171APG-TB espresso machine is the best for domestic use.

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The Briel ED171APG