Why Breville Make Pretty Darn Good Espresso Machines

Breville is a designer of thoughtful mid to high-end appliances. Australian by geography, Breville maintains a worldwide market presence. Well known for their espresso makers, Breville gained attention in the media when their juicers were prominently featured in the acclaimed film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”.

Breville products, like some other manufacturers, have a sense of brand “DNA”, meaning; they share similar materials, construction and design flow. Having a kitchen decked out in Breville products, while expensive, will be a lovely look. Henry Ford said, “People can have the Model T in any color, so long as it’s black.” The same applies here, although in Breville’s case it’s stainless steel.

Breville’s Mission Statement

“To design the best kitchen tools in the world”

Maybe not the most thought provoking statement that ever there was, more like simple and to the point. What really stands out about Breville is all of the little things that, in my opinion, add up to quality, for instance when you buy a Breville product online you can expect it to arrive very well packaged. Other things like a finger hole designed into the electrical plug for easy removal from the wall are thoughtful and just smile inducing. I love this kind of attention to detail.

Breville make 2 excellent espresso machines, the Barista Express and the Cafe Roma. The Express is the more expensive of the two but both live up to Breville’s high standards of design and build quality.

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